studying psychology in nepal

Do you feel excited or enthusiastic when listening to words like “mind”, “mental disorders”, “psychology” etc. Then I am sure you must be interested in studying psychology.

If you are planning to study psychology in Nepal and wondering about the eligibility then you’re in the right place.

In this article, I will take you on the journey of studying psychology in Nepal.



You can study psychology as soon as you complete SEE/SLC under the humanities faculty at your +2 level. You will have a basic understanding of psychology in this course.

Including psychology as a subject in +2 level itself shows the development and growth of the psychological field in Nepal.

However, to be a psychologist studying psychology in +2 is not a compulsion. But this can give make you more literate about psychology.

This will obviously help you to study psychology in your bachelor level if you’re really serious about this field.


Bachelor of Arts (BA) Psychology

In Bachelor level, you will know a lot more about psychology, its branches, and application.

You will study all the subjects of psychology, which will definitely help you to identify your interest or strength.

Subjects like general psychology, clinical psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology, organizational behavior etc.

To study BA psychology, you can be from any stream (science, management, education). For most of the students, it is an entry point in this field since most of them don’t study psychology in their +2.

This is one of the few 3 year’s bachelors program in Nepal offered by TU.

You can find a lot of colleges offering this program however, it is up to you to choose the best one.

After studying BA psychology, you will have a basic knowledge of all the branches of psychology.


Master’s of Arts (MA) psychology

After obtaining a bachelor degree, you are ready to pursue a Master’s degree. Only obtaining a bachelor degree in psychology is not enough if you really want to build a career out of it.

In your Master’s degree program, you will study in depth in a branch of psychology you choose.

You can pursue this degree from the Central Department of Psychology, TU or any other colleges. However, there are few colleges offering MA in psychology.

study psychology in nepal

Eligibility to study MA psychology

  • Humanities or social science
  1. Bachelor in Arts with a psychology major
  2. Postgraduate diploma in counseling psychology (PGDCP)
  3. Bachelor in Film Studies (BFS)
  4. Bachelor in Social Work (BSW) at least 3 credits or 100 mark course in general psychology


  • Science (B.Sc) and equivalent


  • Management
  1. Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)
  2. Bachelor in Business Administration – Banking and Insurance (BBA-BI)
  3. Bachelor in Business Administration – Travel and Tourism (BBA-TT)
  4. Bachelor in Conflict, Peace, and Development (BCPD)
  5. Bachelor in Information Management (BIM)
  6. Bachelor in Business Information System (BBIS)
  7. Bachelor in Hotel Management (BHM)
  8. Bachelor in Health Care Management (BHCM)


Such students must have a second division in Bachelor degree for the admission from any university recognized by TU.

Note: Such students must have at least 3 credits or 100 arks in General Psychology, (core psychology course on psychology).


Studying Psychology in Nepal

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